From Our President

From Our President

On behalf of our dedicated and professional staff here at Brainstorm Internet, I would personally like to thank you for choosing us as your Internet Service Provider. Since 1999 we have been providing Internet and communication services throughout western Colorado and northern New Mexico and still today we remain committed to placing our emphasis on you, our customer. Our footprint has grown to encompass the Front Range and offer gigabit fiber internet in your area. Our commitment to you is that we will provide the latest in technology, including gigabit fiber internet access, cloud hosted PBX and business voice solutions, video and data thus ensuring you a seamless and secure communications experience.

We will continue to expand our services to include a variety of voice services (analog, PRI, SIP and Hosted PBX) that will be available over T1, Ethernet-over-Copper, Fiber connections and eventually, wireless as well where possible.

In cloud services, Brainstorm Internet can host your business servers and desktops in a highly-reliable data center environment (located right here in Colorado) - increase uptime and provide disaster recovery. Sometimes we get crazy weather in Colorado (understatement!) and the ability to pick up your business and move it to a backup location almost instantly by leveraging our cloud systems is something that every business that relies heavily on IT should consider.

Finally, with an expanded network using MPLS Ethernet technology, we have the ability to easily network your multiple offices together, across our footprint and across any type of service (whether copper, fiber, or wireless).

We are committed to addressing the digital divide and putting our clients first, which certainly differentiates us from all the other ISP choices available.

With this as our focus, we are interested in knowing your thoughts about Brainstorm Internet, and we guarantee that each comment or concern will be addressed and responded to in a timely manner. So let us know how we're doing and give us your ideas as to how we can make your experience even more productive and enjoyable. Once again thank you for your patronage and for over a decade of your support!

jawaid Jawaid Bazyar
Brainstorm Internet, a company
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