Service Cancellation Policy

Please fill out the following form to cancel your services. Once you submit the form you should receive a confirmation email that indicates that we have received your request.

All cancellations will take effect 30 days from the date you submit the form. (To request a cancellation date later than 30 days please indicate in notes)

Refund Policy: We do not give refunds on pre-paid accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-651-6299.

Cancellation Terms for All Customers:

  • Cancellation requests will take 30 days to go into effect from the date we receive your cancellation form. You are responsible for all charges on your account, until account is officially closed.
  • Please note all early terminations are subject to additional charges as stated in your Terms and Conditions including, any waived installation fee, remaining months in your contract and any disconnection, early cancellation or termination charges reasonably incurred and paid to third parties by Brainstorm Internet on your behalf.
  • Upon termination of Service, you are responsible to return Customer Premises Equipment with the power supplies to company in good condition within 10 business days, EXCEPT for rooftop installed wireless equipment.  We will reclaim any wireless equipment installed on your building ourselves.
  • If we have received equipment WITHOUT a power supply, you will be charged for the equipment and a separate invoice will be generated.
  • If we have not received equipment within 11 business days from termination of Service, the business will be charged for the equipment and a separate invoice will be generated.
  • Customer premises equipment shall be sent or delivered to:

Brainstorm Internet
c/o Equipment Return
120 Rock Point Dr, Suite A
Durango, CO 81301