Business VoIP Solutions


VoIP, or "Voice over Internet Protocol" is a method of running phone calls over an internet connection.  In many ways it's like a traditional "land line" but it has some significant advantages.  Since the technology is more advanced, a richer set of features can be included.  The price is less, and long distance calls can be included at no extra charge.

Why VoIP?  If you have a broadband internet connection but don't have good cell service a VoIP line makes a lot of sense.  If you need a phone line or lines and need multiple extensions with features such as hunt groups or an auto attendant VoIP can provide these features better and cheaper than a traditional phone company setup.

Here is a chart showing some of the features we include with our standard VoIP plans.  If you are a business we strongly encourage you to contact us below for a custom quote since we specialize in designing and implementing VoIP systems for business.