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Brainstorm Internet provides fast, continuous and affordable DSL connections to the Internet without disrupting normal voice service (you can talk and surf at the same time), and it does not require an extra phone line. Brainstorm DSL is available in Downtown Durango, Hillcrest, Skyridge, Durango West II, and Rockwood.  We also offer Brainstorm DSL in downtown Grand Junction.

No phone line? Brainstorm can still provide DSL service for Downtown Durango and the Hillcrest/Skyridge area for an additional $17 a month. (only available for up to 7mbps and up to 20mbps speeds)

Available DSL Speeds and Pricing

256kbps DSL
1.5mbps DSL
Up to 7mbps DSL
Up to 20mbps DSL
Total Cost

*Available only in Downtown Durango and Hillcrest/Skyridge area.  Available without a phone line for an extra $17 per month.

Required equipment: DSL modem provided at no charge

Optional equipment: Wireless router. This is necessary in order to connect multiple computers or laptops wirelessly to the internet.

These are typically very easy installs and are done by the customer. However, if you need a Brainstorm technician to come and provide a professional install of the DSL equipment, there is a $100 fee.



Why Brainstorm DSL?

For starters, we have no contract requirements, extra taxes and no hidden fees. Why subscribe with a provider that wants to lock you into a multi-year contract and pads your bill with miscellaneous fees that increase your monthly service charge? Add to that Brainstorm's outstanding customer service where it is quick and easy to reach a knowledgeable customer service representative, and you've got a superior product/service offering that is head and shoulders above the competition.

 Choice is good! Brainstorm gives you the power to choose No Contracts, No Hidden Fees and Superior Customer Care for your internet needs.

Brainstorm/CenturyLink DSL

While Brainstorm DSL is only available in certain areas, Brainstorm/Century Link DSL service is available in many areas throughout Colorado's Western Slope, Front Range and New Mexico (available in 970, 303 and 505 area codes). For this type of service, the DSL is provided by Century Link and Brainstorm only serves as the ISP (Internet Service Provider). You will receive two bills each month for this service, one from Century Link and one from Brainstorm. With this service, you still receive Brainstorm's unparalleled customer support!

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