Roundcube Walkthrough

Roundcube is the new spam filtering system that is designed to replace Barracuda.

I. Logging in to your Roundcube Account
II. Managing your Quarantine Inbox
III. Whitelist/Blacklist
IV. Spam Settings

I. Logging in to your Roundcube Account
The login to your Roundcube account is located here. You use your email address and password to log in.
roundcube login

If you login three times with the wrong password, the next time you try to log in you will have to enter a captcha which is two words separated by a space.  Please note that the letters are case sensitive.  Here is an example of the captcha:


II. Managing your Quarantine Inbox. Once you are logged in you will be taken to your Inbox.  This should display the same messages you see when you log in to your Brainstorm Webmail. (In fact you can use this login for webmail if you like)  From this screen you see both a Quarantine and a Settings icon (both with the gear picture) in the upper right part of the screen.  Click or tap on the Quarantine icon as shown below:
roundcube quarantine

Managing the Quarantine:

roundcube manage quarantine

Using the Actions Column: There are three actions that you can take on each message by selecting the check boxes:
1) Whitelist—this adds the email address in your whitelist to allow messages from this sender to go through and also delivers the message to your inbox.
2) Release— thisdelivers the message to your inbox only (for example if you're not sure you want to permanently whitelist)
3) Delete— this deletes the message from your Quarantine Inbox (Note: this is not necessary due to automatic purging)

After selecting the check boxes you have to click Process to apply the changes.

III. Whitelist/Blacklist. In addition to the whitelist from the Quarantine Inbox, you can whitelist and blacklist from Settings page. Log into the Roundcube, then click the Settings (gear) icon
roundcube settings

Now click on the Whitelist/Blacklist

roundcube wb

In the Whitelist/Blacklist section you'll see the email addresses that were whitelisted from the Quarantine.  In addition you can add additional whitelist and blacklist entries by typing them in.  To whitelist a whole domain just put an "@" sign before the name. The rules are applied in the order of most specific rule first, so in the example below you can see that the domain is whitelisted but This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will still be blacklisted (it's more specific).

roundcube wb example

IV. Quarantine Settings. Log into Roundcube. Click on the Settings icon, then click on Filter Settings.
roundcube select filter

Now you can adjust the filter settings to suit your needs. There are three sections - Checks, Delivery, and Levels, as shown below:
roundcube filter

Here is the explanation of what the sections do:

Checks - Here you can enable or disable spam filtering or virus checking entirely.  We recommend you keep both options checked.

Delivery - Here you can set the default option that occurs if the Levels are exceeded.  We recommend you leave "Quarantine" checked because that give you the option to deliver the message in case you want to receive it after all

Levels - Here you can set the level of spam scoring that will trigger action.  The higher the number the more "spammy" the message will have to be before it's filtered.  So for example setting a score of 0 (the lowest level) would filter anything with even a hint of spam, but setting a score of 10 would only filter out messages with a lot of spam characteristics.  You set the levels independently for tag level and for kill level.

  • Tag Level - This feature will add the tag ***SPAM*** to the subject but still deliver the message, in case you want to see all the messages and review them yourself.
  • Kill Level - This feature will apply the Deliver options by either deleting or quarantining the message.

In the picture above, the kill level is 5 so all messages with a score of 5 or more will be quarantined.  In addition messages with a score of 10 or greater will be tagged with ***SPAM*** in their subject line (which you'll only see if you view the quarantine).

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